Teaching in Prague, Czech Republic

The Low Down on Teaching in Prague Without a Degree

Are you worried about teaching English abroad without a degree? Don’t! There are many opportunities in Prague, and the entire Czech Republic, to make your dream of teaching abroad a reality.

Teaching English abroad is an amazing opportunity that provides for unique life experiences, unbeatable travel opportunities, and the ability to soak in new cultures.
However, many prospective TEFL students and future English teachers have their dreams of teaching abroad stomped on after a quick Google search about global and Czech English teaching requirements. As soon as they see the information online, that many countries require or prefer English teachers have a university degree, they give up.
But, one mustn’t lose hope! There are many ways (and many places) where one can work as a TEFL certified English teacher without having a four-year degree behind them, as long as one’s a bit flexible.
Counter to the info online, the Czech Republic is one of these places! At The Language House TEFL, we estimate that around 10% of our teacher trainees are non-degree holders. If you want to connect with our non-degree graduates to hear their tips, head on over to our Facebook group, Pack Your Bags and Move to Prague.

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Yes, You Can Successfully Teach English in Prague without a Degree

A notorious hot-spot for English teaching, the Czech Republic is listed across the web as a country that requires a BA or BS for prospective English teachers. Some sites even caution non-degree holders to not consider the Czech Republic a “​viable teaching destination​.”
However, the internet fails to take into account real life experiences in these evaluations, as teaching without a degree is completely accessible in the Czech Republic, and in other locations, as long as one’s flexible with their English teaching job search.
The Language House clearly echoes this actual reality as it accepts prospective students without university degrees into their TEFL course and even helps these students build connections with employers and alumni with job connections.
Here’s the lowdown on teaching in the Czech Republic without a degree.

So, What Type of Jobs Are Accessible?

Although international primary school teaching, which requires a university degree in education, and many online and preschool teaching jobs are inaccessible to those without a university degree, a lot of TEFL certified non-degree holders find success in the private lesson sector.
Currently, this niche is booming within the Czech Republic, and the demand for these lessons in big cities like Prague and Brno seems never ending. These one-to-one or group lessons are sometimes organized by companies, but are often organized by teachers and students with no middlemen through private lessons sites such as ​Teacher-Creature​.

With no boss, these lessons are lucrative and provide both the teacher and the student with a lot of freedom! Teachers can choose which demographics they want to teach and decide on which type of English (conversational, academic, business, etc) they want to focus on.

Prague is filled with English teaching opportunities. Not having a degree will limit you to some teaching institutions, but most schools just want competent teachers, accepting both degree and non-degree holders.

What’s the Job Search Like?

Citing help from The Language House with resume writing and visits of prospective employers to TLH during TEFL courses, those who are TEFL certified and without a university degree find work quite quickly!
According to a survey conducted on TLH alum who are non-degree holders, the job search, on average, took less than three weeks. This amount of time is on-par with TEFL certified degree holders looking for English teaching work in the Czech Republic.
During interviews, if the job the alumni went for required one, the alumni didn’t feel discriminated against for not having a degree. Also, the wages they were offered during formal interviews, the former TEFLers feel, was about the same as those offered to TEFL certified degree holders in the same field and position.

What’s the Wage?

Because most non-degree holders with a TEFL certificate are private lesson teachers, wages vary. As a private lesson instructor, you set your own prices, times, and locations.
On average, private lesson English teachers ask for 300-500kc per one-to-one private lesson. You can charge more, or less, depending on a variety of factors like a student’s English level, whether it’s a group class or an individual lesson, how far away the lesson will take place, how long the lesson will last, etc!
For private language schools, the average wage is around 300-400kc per hour.
Although difficult, some non-degree holding TEFL certified teachers find themselves preschool teaching jobs. The average wage for this type of full-time work is 28,000-45,000kc per month.

So, Can I Get Legal Without A University Degree?

Yes. TLH’s guidance paired with usage of the services at Visa Guru will leave you with absolutely no worries about your legality.
In some countries, visas are issued based on level of education and age however, the Czech Republic does not follow these strict restrictions. TLH grads who also didn’t have a degree
following them to the Czech Republic unanimously said that their degree status did not impact their visa process.

Where Else Can I Teach?

Some countries, like Japan and South Korea, strictly require a BA or BS from an accredited college or university. Yet, there are a plethora of countries that welcome English teachers who hold only a TEFL certification.
A large portion of nations in Asia and the Middle East require university degrees, however Cambodia and Jordan provide a door into these continents with just a TEFL certification.

If Central and South America are your thing, good news! These places provide a vast number of opportunities for TEFL certified teachers. Costa Rica, Argentina, and Mexico, with their incredible demands for exposure to the English language, are the tops hotspots for English teaching expats within these realm of the world.

For those teachers who want to teach online, many online teaching companies do require a university degree. However, even in the online teaching space, there are opportunities for non-degree holders.

So, What Now?

Teaching without a university degree is not only possible, but lucrative, especially within the Czech Republic. With a demand for English speakers so high, there’s always an English teaching opportunity for any and every type of person in the Czech Republic, so get on out here and begin your journey! What you will need is great training and support.

This is where we (The Language House) come in. Contact us at The Language House for a free consultation on how we can help you reach your teaching abroad goals.