The Language House Prague Reviews

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If you are shopping around for a TEFL certification course and came across our site, we’d like you to check out two blog posts about our course from past graduates. On the web, you can find lots of Language House Prague reviews, mostly saying positive things, but they oftentimes do not give a full account of what to expect. When graduates leave reviews for TEFL courses, they are usually in short form. The training will get mentioned, the support will get mentioned, but do these basic reviews really sum up the experience of The Language House in Prague? In our opinion, there’s a lot more that is left unsaid.

We recently asked a few of our graduates to give a detailed account of their experience on our course. If you have a spare 5 minutes, do yourself a favour, delve deep, and check these blog posts from our graduates.

Dominik Kropacek (September 2018 Grad) TLH Was Life-Changing

Meet Dominic

Dominik attended our course in September 2018. Dom’s actually a really prolific travel blogger, so we are super excited to be featured on his travel site, Red White Adventures. He runs this website with his girlfriend and they essentially travel all over the world with each other. They have lots of useful information about how to be digital travellers.

What we love about the article about our course is that it truly covers everything. In it, he talks about how he first started thinking about teaching abroad, finding The Language House Prague, deciding on our course, the course itself, and all of the support that comes afterwards. There are also great tips for living in Prague and how to get the most out of the course and our great network. It’s truly a really useful step by step guide to making the whole experience work. Check out the article here and take a look – How Taking a TEFL Course Changed My Life.

Brad McLeod (October 2019 grad) – I Couldn’t Recommend the TLH Experience More

Meet Brad

It’s really useful to hear from someone who’s recently gone through the program. Brad took our course in October 2019, so he’s relatively new to Prague and the teaching life here. While Dominik focused on all aspects of the program from start to finish, Brad goes into detailed descriptions of day to day life on the course. Some of his memories are frankly hilarious (being stranded at student housing).

What we love about this post is that it’s all so fresh. His experience is far from over. Brad is still going through the visa process, making friends, finding work, and making a home for himself in a new country. This is so relatable for new students thinking about taking the plunge and joining our program. Check it out here – Future Perfect: A Review of The Language House Prague

So, there you have it. Two TLH graduates, two different paths. If you are thinking about signing up for a course with us, but need some assurance, please do reach out. We have hundreds of graduates like Dom and Brad who are more than happy to share their experiences with you. This lifestyle choice (and our super intense training course) isn’t for everyone, but the mass majority come out of this experience better people. We will be here when you are ready.