We Won One Of GoAbroad’s Top TEFL Certification Awards For 2017!

The Language House TEFL is thrilled to announce that we placed as runner-up for all TEFL certification courses worldwide as voted by GoAbroad for 2017. This is the second time we’ve won this award (in 2015) and we are the only TEFL certification course in Prague to win the award in 2017. The Language House TEFL is always trying to improve our course. Each month we get together and find new innovative ways to enhance the course and make it better for our students. These things can obviously be related to teacher training, but they can go a lot deeper than that. A great TEFL course needs to do a lot more than just train teachers. To be great, a course needs to excel in other areas like job assistance, visa assistance and creating a supportive environment abroad for our graduates. It’s really nice to be recognized by an outside organization for all of these things. Our goal for 2018 is to even get better!

We won GoAbroad’s award